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Eastling Parish Council

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Julia Barbara Bailey (Chairman)

Wendy Licence (Clerk)

John William Payne

Caroline Gilbert

Annie Adams

James Glynn West

Scheduled Council Meetings

Eastling Parish Council normally meets in Eastling Village Hall on alternate months. All meetings are open to the press and public. Agenda for meetings are normally posted on the parish noticeboard some days before the meeting.


Parish Council Meetings

6th March 2023 at 6:30pm

11th April 2023 (Annual Parish Meeting) at 8.30pm

15th May 2023 (Annual Parish Council Meeting) at 6:30pm


Past and Present

Following the Local Government Act 1894, Eastling Parish Council first met on Thursday, 27 December 1894 in the Old School Room in Newnham Lane, Eastling.


At this Meeting, five local residents - William Clark, Thomas Butler, Thomas James Doughty, Frederic Thomas Pincott and Frederick Shilling - took up their roles as Eastling's first Parish Councillors. Their first decision was to invite the Rev T. Musgrave Burton to become Chairman.


The present Parish Council meets every two months - in Eastling Village Hall. All Meetings of the Parish Council are open to the public. It also holds an Annual Parish Meeting, usually in April, at which the Council reports on its activities and plans. Local organisations and residents are also invited to raise matters of concern or general interest.


Elections for the Parish Council are held every four years, normally coinciding with elections for Swale Borough Council's East Downs Ward (of which Eastling is part).

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