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Eastling Neighbourhood Watch

Thieves have decided to attack the Eastling water works again removing all the copper roof plus the guttering around the front
building. They obviously took notice of all the security around the building. If any person has any information regarding this crime please
contact the police on 101 or give me a call.

It seems the scam calls regarding a £600 bank fraud is still making the rounds, please do not get involved and please note that your phone
line may still be connected to their line for a few minutes after you have ended the call.


There are reports of hare coursing being carried out in the local area, please do not approach these horrible people but if at all
possible obtain a vehicle number and call 101.


Winter is arriving so remember to check your vehicles over.


Have a good month


Take care



Painters Forstal with Selling W.I.

Members had a lovely meeting in October with two ladies from DEBRA. (DEBRA is the national charity that funds research and
healthcare to support individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a painful genetic skin blistering condition which,
in the worst cases, can be fatal.) Apparently there are just 5000 cases of EB in the uk and 500,000 worldwide. Anything that can be sold
in the charity shop in Faversham makes a profit which goes into research into this horrid disease. Imagine being unable to cuddle your
baby because it’s skin is so very sensitive! Some people end up in wheelchairs because they are unable to walk because of the blisters
on their feet.


The next meeting on Tuesday 19th November is our AGM and as nobody has come forward to form a committee then we definitely will be
suspended. Before we do that however Sandy Moriarty will tell us all about Denman where W.I. members can go on courses or just to visit.
I hope members will find other WI branches to suit them.

Further from Barbara on 01795 890020 or e-mail at tombar72@hotmail.co.uk

Eastling Short Mat Bowls Club

All the fixtures have been made for the coming season in the East Kent League and our first match will be at
Broadstairs against Hoverspeed on Monday 30th September, then the return game will be at Eastling on Friday 4th October starting at
7.30pm. We will have our next game at Eastling on 8th November against Minster (Thanet) with the return game on 12th November at
Minster (Thanet). We are then well into the new season and I just hope we do not have anybody go down with sickness for we have only
seven league players, six in a team.


We still meet every Friday evening so if you are at a loose end come and join us on Fridays at 7.30pm in Eastling village hall.


Call Roy on 01795 537162 for more information