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We'd like to thank the "Good News" magazine for allowing the use of some of their content for our news items.

Eastling Neighbourhood Watch

The scam ‘£600 having been requested from your bank account by someone in another country’ has risen its head again
- please do not be fooled, cut off the call immediately.


With the recent bout of bad weather it is very likely that certain people will be knocking on your door offering to clear
guttering and replace tiles etc. Do not be taken in by them, if any damage needs repairing call in a reputable tradesman to
carry out the task.

There seems to be an increase in hare coursing in local areas recently, if you see anything suspicious please report the
location to the police. Under no circumstances should you approach these people, the same applies to any
poaching seen but, if possible, vehicle registration is helpful.


Dog owners are reminded to keep their dogs on a lead in the vicinity of sheep especially now as lambing time is here.


On the subject of dogs; most dog owners are very responsible when it comes to picking up their dog’s mess from the
public footpaths but it seems some people are becoming rather forgetful at times. It would be appreciated if the
footpaths could be kept clean, especially around the church and areas which children pass on their way to school, and
make sure our village stays beautiful so everyone can enjoy it. Failure to comply carries £100 fine.


A reminder to make sure your dog wears a collar with a tag on. Not one of the dogs found lost in the last year had a tag
on and it means calling the dog warden in and the dog being taken away.


Have a good month and take care


Eastling Short Mat Bowls Club

On Wednesday 12th February we had Macknade visit Eastling for a League game, and we won on both mats so gained 6
points. At the moment we are in 4th position in the East Kent League, but with some tough games coming up we shall
struggle to maintain that position.

On Friday 21st we have top of the league Boughton coming to Eastling, we shall try our best and hope to give you
some good results next month.


We are still looking for more players, being the only weekly club user of the village hall we want to try and keep
going. We meet on Friday evenings 7.30 - 9.30pm, come along and try it out.


Contact Roy on 01795 537162

Eastling Gardeners' Club

Eastling Gardeners’ Club next meets on Thursday 12th March at 7.30p.m. in Eastling Village Hall


A talk by Jacqueline Aviolet on 'herbs - culinary, cultivation and folklore', will be followed by wine and homemade nibbles.


The meeting is free for members but, as a reminder, the annual subscription of £10 per person is due at the March meeting.
Non-members pay £4.

Eastling Panto Alert

A group of Eastling residents wishes to put on a pantomime in December 2020. The village hall now has a lovely stage
for the performance. At present we favour a production of Cinderella. Rehearsals will start in September but
from this March we are putting together teams of people who can help with technical, costumes, stage management,
props, scenery, music, choir/chorus, direction, marketing/PR and of course actors.


Do contact Anne Adams or Julia Bailey if you would like to be involved, and in what capacity. We would love to hear
from you even if you can only offer a small amount of your time and have no previous experience - the more the
merrier! Residents of neighbouring villages (with or without previous Panto experience) are also very welcome

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