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Neighbourhood Watch

The aim of Eastling's Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is to help you and your neighbours avoid becoming victims of crime.

The local voluntary co-ordinator and link persons will do their best to let residents know about criminal activity in our area and neighbouring parishes. The free e-mail alerts scheme also provides vital information.

Residents can help by keeping a wary eye out for suspicious activity and always reporting it to the local Neighbourhood Watch and, if it looks serious, to the Police or Swale Neighbourhood Watch office.

Simple precautions that householders can take to protect themselves and their property is available from the Eastling and Swale Neighbourhood Watch groups. And remember taking an active part in Neighbourhood Watch will qualify you for a discount on household insurance premiums with many companies.

Remember - Neighbourhood Watch works best when people are vigilant and share information.

NhW Co-ordinator

Eastling local co-ordinator: Alan Willson

Swale Neighbourhood Watch

Swale NhW Office

Sittingbourne Police Station, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne

Tel: 01795 419212

NhW liaison officer: Jacqui Blake

Information Hot Line

Swale Neighbourhood Watch Information Hot Line: 0808 100 3308

Sponsored by Swale Housing Association, it is similar to the national Crimestoppers free phone line, but is local to the Swale area. Calls are free and people can remain anonymous. The hotline will be manned between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday; outside these hours an answer phone will be in operation.

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