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Click here to read about the history of Eastling.

St Mary's Church

Click here to read about the history of St Mary's Church.

Eastling School

Eastling School celebrated 100 years in its Kettle Hill Road premises in 1981. During that time, there had been only seven head teachers and a total of around 3,000 pupils.

The first Head was Bessie Higham who opened the school on February 7th 1881 with 80 children.

For the 36 years from 1889, Mr Fred Pincott was Head. Remarkably, he twice saved the school from burning down - in 1905, when a scuttle of hot coals was left on the floor by a cleaner, and in 1914, when a lamp fell from its support, damaging the floor, two desks and some books.

During the Second World War, overhead air battles often forced the children to take refuge in air-raid shelters. The Eastling Home Guard regularly met in the Infants Room.

The original village school was in Newnham Lane. The building then served as a church hall for a time and, today, is a private residence. Research in 1976 by the late Miss Dorothy Neale suggested that the Old School House had been built by a Reverend Lushington on Glebe Land, sometime prior to 1842. He died in 1842 and was succeeded by the Reverend Reynardson. It had operated as a school until 1880.

For a more detailed history of the school on the school's own website, click here.

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